Proposed Ohio medical pot rule bans edibles with kid appeal

Proposed Ohio medical pot rule bans edibles with kid appeal
Posted at 3:15 PM, Jul 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-29 15:25:26-04

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A proposed rule for Ohio’s medical marijuana program says edible products that resemble cartoon characters, superheroes or pop-culture figures should not be allowed.

It’s among more than 100 proposed medical marijuana rules to be considered Monday by the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, the Columbus Dispatch reports. The oversight panel can’t approve rules but can reject them, put them on hold or allow them take effect without action.

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The cartoon concept came to life, at least briefly, two years ago: Buddie, a caped green superhero, crisscrossed the state during 2015's ill-fated marijuana legalization ballot campaign. Children's health advocates said the pro-pot mascot was reminiscent of Joe Camel, a cartoon dromedary proven so effective at marketing cigarettes to teenagers in the 1990s that R.J. Reynolds was forced to retire his image.

Ohio has been gearing up to make medical marijuana products available by September 2018 to people with physician recommendations for 21 qualifying medical conditions.

Those patients will be able to buy 90-day supplies of marijuana products that include creams, pills, patches and plant products at 60 dispensaries allowed in the law approved by the Legislature last year.