Voters turned out in high numbers across Cincinnati area

Voters turned out in high numbers across Cincinnati area
Posted at 10:30 PM, Nov 08, 2016

People may have been dissatisfied with their choices in the 2016 presidential election, but it didn’t keep them away from the polls.

Turnout in Hamilton County is expected to exceed 70 percent. 

“When you look at the overall vote, this is pretty typical of a presidential election,” said Tim Burke, chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Elections. “In the end, it’s very clear that Trump had his enthusiastic, walk-through-the-walls supporters and so did Hillary. There’s no question about that.”

Turnout numbers are high elsewhere in the region: In Warren County, turnout was 76.72 percent.

Butler County is at 66.45 percent turnout with 266 out of 282 precincts of 282 reported as of 10:09 p.m., and Clermont County is at 72.6 percent with 100 percent of precincts reported. 

Burke said the Hamilton County’s turnout may not reach the 77 percent peak in 1992, but it seems like to surpass participation rates in three of the last five presidential elections.

Warren County Republican Chairman Jeff Monroe said it’s clear that people were energized by the campaign.

“It’s a great thing when people turn out to vote,” he said. “They participate and elect leaders. That’s what we want.”