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Amy Murray confirms she's leaving Cincinnati City Council for Department of Defense

Trump supporter grateful for 'huge opportunity'
Posted at 11:57 PM, Feb 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 23:57:39-05

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati City Council member Amy Murray, a President Trump supporter, says she is taking a political appointment in the federal government in Washington, D.C.

Murray said she will become Director of Small Business Programs for the Department of Defense. She will stay on at City Hall through mid-March.

“I absolutely support our president," Murray said in a Monday afternoon news conference, " ... and I am honored to have this and to work in his administration and to move forward with his agenda.”

WCPO 9 News first reported Sunday night that Murray was leaving City Hall. On Monday, the Cincinnati native said she was leaving "with a heavy heart" but excited for "this huge opportunity."

"I love Cincinnati. I have loved serving on City Council. It has been such an honor to represent everyone,” Murray said.

Murray could not run for re-election in 2021 because of term limits.

Murray said she would conduct interviews before selecting a successor, saying it's an especially important decision because there are only two women and two Republicans on the nine-member council.

“I think it’s important to have diversity in city council and I think it’s important to have diversity of party," she said.

“We are definitely looking for someone who has the same principals, the same work ethics and the same plot moving forward that can represent the people of the city of Cincinnati."

SEE how to apply below.

Under council rules, Murray previously designated council members Christopher Smitherman and Jeff Pastor to choose her successor. But Murray said they have an agreement that she will choose.

“I want to make this as open and fair and transparent as possible,” Murray said. “We need really good people to get out and run. You don’t have to have already been in the establishment … I really encourage people as we look forward to the future of the city. That’s where we need to head.”

Hamilton County GOP Chair Alex Triantafilou said he wants "somebody just like Amy Murray."

"I’m very serious about that," Triantafilou said. "We want someone who has crossover appeal politically, someone who is intelligent, someone who works hard and somebody who is dedicated to the mission of the city without playing politics day to day.”

Murray was appointed to council in 2011 to serve out a term, then was elected in 2013 and again in 2017. She served on the streetcar oversight as chair of Major Projects Committee during her previous term, and worked on the committee to overhaul Cincinnati's 911 system after teenager Kyle Plush died when police responding to his 911 calls failed to locate him.

One of her most noted accomplishments was implementing Smart 911 and Text 911.

“I made a commitment that I was going to do whatever we could to make our 911 center better, more effective, and realizing every second counts when you call for 911," Murray said.

In her new job, Murray will lead over 700 small business professionals and serve as a principal adviser on small business matters, including procurements, according to a DoD news release. Small business procurements represent more than 20% of all DoD procurements.

Murray explained the mission of the DoD Small Business Programs.

“We maximize opportunities for small businesses too small to contribute to national security by providing combat power for our troops and economic power for our nation. It’s such an honor to be able to work for our military and to do it in the business realm,” she said.

Murray brings 14 years of business experience with Procter & Gamble in global business development. She also founded her own consulting firm.

How To Apply For Murray's Seat On City Council

Send your name, email address and phone numbers to

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Deadline is 5 p.m. Feb. 19.

Questions? Call 513-381-5454