Bernie Sanders campaigns for Clinton at University of Cincinnati

Posted at 3:26 PM, Nov 03, 2016

CINCINNATI -- Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke at the University of Cincinnati to campaign for Hillary Clinton Thursday afternoon.

Sanders said the election "is not a personality contest.

"What this election is about is which candidate has the ideas and the program to improve life for the working families and the middle class of this country," he said.

Sanders spoke about the wealth gap and the large number of Americans living in poverty, comparing tax breaks proposed by Republican nominee Donald Trump to policies under former President George W. Bush that he said left the country's financial system "on the verge of collapse."

"We are not going back to trickle-down economics under Trump," Sanders said.

Sanders also spoke about the influence of large influxes of cash into politics from a few wealthy contributors. He urged the crowd of supporters to "demand a government and a country that works for all of us, not just the CEOs of large corporations."

Going back to other issues that drew young supporters to Sanders during the primary, he also called for universal healthcare, guaranteed paid family and medical leave, a federal minimum wage increase and equal wages for women and men.

"Equal pay for equal work is not a radical idea," Sanders said. "It's based on everything we believe in as Americans."

Sanders' visit adds to a lengthy list of campaign events scheduled by the Clinton campaign in the battleground state, as the fierce presidential race enters the homestretch: Former President Bill Clinton addressed supporters in Forest Park over the weekend, and Hillary held a rally at Smale Park Monday evening. President Barack Obama campaigned for Clinton in Columbus Tuesday. There was also a pro-Clinton concert featuring The National at Washington Park Wednesday.

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