Dog stuck behind wall for 5 days rescued, returned home

Gertie rescue
Posted at 3:31 PM, Jul 18, 2021

CINCINNATI — Gertie the dog was missing for five days before firefighters found her wedged tightly between two concrete walls in Northside.

For five days, Gertie's owners plastered posters bearing the pups image and description throughout the neighborhood, believing she'd been taken in by neighbors or had hunkered down somewhere safe.

"She fell through a roof of a hillside garage that was very dilapidated," said Connie Frick, Gertie's owner. "From what they could explain to us, she fell through the roof and whatever had been an old wall was replaced with a cinder block wall, which was keeping it from falling down. She was caught in between the two."

Firefighters said they couldn't lift Gertie, the 35-pound white terrier mix, out from the crevice without intervention. So they busted out the saws and sledgehammers and got to work.

After 10 minutes of using the sledgehammer, firefighter Jenn Adkins was able to reach in and pull Gertie to safety.

Firefighters believe Gertie was stuck in that crevice during the entire five days she was missing from home.

The reunion between Gertie and her owners was special, not just for Frick.

"She was so excited," said Frick. "Everybody was loving on her. The firefighters were so happy."

Watch the full rescue and reunion below: