University of Cincinnati students call for retrial, unity in light of Ray Tensing mistrial

Posted at 5:52 PM, Nov 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 17:57:53-05

CINCINNATI -- Students at the University of Cincinnati called for a retrial of former UC officer Ray Tensing, but they also placed a heavy emphasis of urging the campus community to come together.

While there haven’t been any specific complaints, Bleuzette Marshall, vice president for Equity and Inclusion at UC, warned the community of harassment and discriminatory behavior. 

Board Chairman Rob Richardson echoed her sentiment.

"Social media sometimes can be very loud, but it's not representative of who the student leaders are here at the university," Richardson said.

Jackie Mulay, a UC senate speaker,  is one of those student leaders.

"Addressing things before they get too emotionally heavy, I think, is a really positive step," Mulay said.

Alberto Jones, another student leader, heads the campus association of black journalists.

"It's not appropriate for people to say what they want to say when it hurts someone else,” Jones said. “It's not appropriate at all."

Mulay said UC’s Student Government will help create dialogue that enhances the conversation.

"It's really important that we are on the forefront of a lifting up of the community voices rather than speaking for them because it's not always our story to tell,” Mulay said.

Jones is hopeful the tense times will help unite the campus community.

"There could be some students that are not looking to come together as one UC, but what I have seen within my own community we have come together,” Jones said.

This discussion comes as reforms are underway for the entire University of Cincinnati Police Department.

"The tragic killing of Sam Dubose is not going to define the university, but it's going to transform it,” Richardson said.