Is Luke Fickell ready for Cincinnati?

Posted at 1:52 AM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 10:47:33-05

CINCINNATI -- Luke Fickell has been swapping hats -- and sweatshirts -- frequently as he prepares to transition from coaching one Ohio college football team to another.

The Ohio State University coach will become a Bearcat soon, moving to Cincinnati and claiming the position of UC head football coach, but plenty of banks still need to be filled in the meantime. He still isn’t quite sure about who will step up to fill staffing roles when he becomes head coach, but he's optimistic that the university will land on names soon.

“Once we get an offense and a defense coordinator, I think things will get rolling pretty quick," he said Thursday.

He and his wife aren’t quite sure where they’ll be living, either.

"I coach football, try to develop men, and you just tell me where we’re living. Give me the address and we’ll be there," he said.

All of these things will hopefully fall into place as the date of his Cincinnati move-in approaches.

One thing he’ll have to figure out quickly, though: Is he a Skyline man or a Gold Star one?

"I’m going to hold off on that one," he said, smiling. "I haven’t been to Gold Star enough to make an educated decision on that."