Here's what back-to-school will look like in all 5 Kenton County public school districts

Posted at 2:06 PM, Jul 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-19 13:27:25-04

All information is current as of noon on Aug. 19.

Gov. Andy Beshear's formal recommendation that schools delay the start of in-person instruction until at least Sept. 28 brought big scheduling changes to districts across Kentucky, including those in Kenton County.

Here's what we know about what parents and students can expect.

Remote start on Aug. 24

Following Beshear's recommendation, Beechwood district representatives announced on Aug. 11 that all students would begin the year with remote instruction. Non-traditional instruction will continue until at least Sept. 28

Remote start on Sept. 1

Covington Independent Public Schools will follow Beshear’s recommendation to delay the start of in-person classes until Sept. 28. The district’s first day of school is still Sept. 1, but all students will begin with remote learning.

Covington’s online COVID-19 resource page contains links to state guidance and a letter from superintendent Alvin Garrison, who promised to provide information about the upcoming year when the district’s Healthy at School task force finalizes its plan.

"The district will soon communicate details related to schedules, laptops, assignments and meals. We most certainly thank you for your patience and we look forward to a great school year," said Debra Vance, the district's director of communications and equity, on Aug. 11.


The district has not publicly posted any scheduling updates since Beshear's announcement.

Online start Aug. 24

What will classes look like?

Kenton County Schools will utilize non-traditional instruction and districtwide synchronous instruction or the online Virtual Academy when school begins on Aug. 24, with plans to resume in-person classes on Sept. 28.

Most students, whether at home or in class, will spend the year in what the district has termed “synchronous instruction” — the same lessons, delivered at the same time, to all students. Those learning from home will be expected to participate in real-time or watch a recording of the class session later to keep pace with those attending face-to-face.

"It is important to note that our schools are in the process of completing student schedules for the A/B rotational model and once complete the schools will share those schedules with you. Also, schools may be conducting small group student meetings with their teachers to ensure that the students have a connection with their teacher and to distribute devices and disseminate instructions for use of technology on the synchronous schedule," read a letter to families from Superintendent Henry Webb on Aug. 11.

What safety measures can I expect?

All staff members will be required to wear a cloth face covering, as will all students in first grade and above. Masks can only be lowered in situations where the wearer is stationary and appropriately socially distanced.

Students will have their temperatures taken every day upon entry to their school building, and those with a temperature of over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be isolated, then sent home.

Here's the plan.

Remote start on Aug. 26, parents’ choice (blending learning or online) after Sept. 28

What will classes look like?

Per Beshear's recommendation, students will learn remotely between Aug. 26-Sept. 28. Some remote instruction will require students to be logged in and participating at a specific time of day, but much of it will be "'at your own time'" learning — self-paced coursework during which a student watches prepared videos made by their teachers and completes self-directed assignments.

After Sept. 28, families will choose between blended learning and online-only instruction. No student in the district will attend a full, five-day school week in person.

The on-campus option outlined by superintendent Mike Borgers would have participating students attending a half-day of in-person classes from Monday to Thursday, then completing the rest of the day online. All students will work remotely on Fridays.

The off-campus option will allow students to work at their own pace, but they must log in to the virtual system every day.

Either decision will hold until the end of the first quarter, at which point families can change their plan if necessary.

What safety measures can I expect?

Every student will undergo COVID-19 symptom and temperature screening when they enter their building each day. Any child with a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be sent home.

Inside school buildings, students will be required to wear masks any time they cannot socially distance from their peers and instructors. The district will provide masks if families do not have their own.

Students will eat meals in their classrooms, not in cafeterias, during in-person instruction days. Those participating in online learning can pick up meals instead, if they choose.

Hand sanitizer will be installed in all classrooms, and students will have new water fountains designed to fill water bottles — not to be drunk from directly.

Here's the plan.