Granny's Garden seeks donations to stay open

Posted at 4:39 PM, Mar 25, 2016

LOVELAND, Ohio – Granny’s Garden School is looking for a little extra help to allow the program to continue to help students.

The program started in 2002 as just one grandmother, Roberta Paolo, getting kids from Loveland schools outside in her backyard to learn about plants. Since then, they’ve grown to reach thousands of students at schools across Greater Cincinnati.

Over four years, students turn their classroom plots into a flourishing garden. It’s hands-on learning that Paolo said is priceless.

"We're changing what they see and how they see it and what kids are seeing,” she said. “They know a weed when they see it, they know a flower, they know they need insects to get blooms."

But that knowledge could be stifled without the adequate funding. The program won’t be able to continue after April 3 without money to pay their staff, Paolo said. They have been reaching out for donations from anyone who wants to help fund the program.

Anyone who does want to donate can visit their website here.