DePaul Cristo Rey High School celebrating seniors' 100 percent college acceptance

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jan 17, 2017

CINCINNATI -- A local high school held a celebration Tuesday after learning that all of its graduating seniors have been accepted to college.

The 59 seniors DePaul Cristo Rey High School in Clifton were all accepted to college. This marks the third year in a row the school has pulled off 100 percent college acceptance.

"I feel proud of my fellow classmates that we all got to do it," senior Daisha Truitt said.

Carlos Familia will be the first of his siblings to go to college.

"It's very emotional," he said. "We're all just overjoyed with so much joy, and just gratitude that we all got to this part of our lives."

Chris Wilke has been teaching at DePaul Cristo Rey for four years. He said he couldn't be more proud.

"It's gratifying in the sense that hard work paid off, but it also just fills me with pride because our kids have overcome so much, that they're thriving," Wilke said. "When I see our students overcoming these challenges, yet doing it every day with a smile on their face, I'm just incredible proud of them and I admire them."

Principal Andy Farfsing said they take "a village approach" to helping students reach college.

"The obstacles, the barriers -- life, right? The kids are able to overcome these things and to truly succeed," he said.

Farfsing said he expects the school to be celebrating 100 percent college acceptance rates for years to come.