Walnut Hills woman warns of distraction scam

Posted at 10:14 PM, May 24, 2016

CINCINNATI -- A woman living in Walnut Hills said two boys distracted her Monday night while someone else rummaged through her car.

Beverly Clayton said she was cooking dinner when the boys -- she guessed they were no more than 12 years old -- came to her back door.

"There was one at the door, one at the bottom of the stairs, and so it was just very bizarre," she said.

They asked her if someone named Keyshawn lived there. Clayton has lived on her Walnut Hills street for 57 years and told the boys they had the wrong house. She said she then closed the door.

But while she became more distracted, she said someone was going through her car.

"About an hour later, I had come out the front door and noticed that my hood had been popped open, the console was open, and then there were papers just thrown all over the car," she said.

Clayton said she didn't leave anything valuable inside, so she decided against filing a police report. She said it's the boys' actions that really concern her.

"It did feel violated, and I thought, OK, but I had to keep thinking they didn’t get anything, so it was just a wasted effort on their part," she said.

Lt. Steve Saunders, spokesman for the Cincinnati Police Department, said there have been no recent incidents reported in Clayton's area. But he said a distraction scam is very common and people should be aware of their surroundings.

Lindsy Davis, who lives near Clayton, said she'd never heard of this type of scam.

"It's pretty shocking just to show that crime is happening younger and younger, and ... it makes me a little bit uneasy that a kid can distract me long enough to go through my belongings," she said.