Voices reveal woman's panic, officers' calm during Fairfield stabbing, police shooting

911 call, radio traffic released
Posted: 1:45 AM, Jun 24, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-24 14:41:50Z

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - A 911 call and police radio traffic revealed a woman's panic and two police officers' calm during the deadly Fairfield stabbing and police shooting last Friday.

Police say 37-year old Logan Williamson stabbed 37-year old Michelle Henry several times in the bathroom of their condo before police officers could get inside and Officer Bryan Carnes shot him. Both Williamson and Henry died.

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A dispatcher answering Henry's call didn't understand what Henry said when she screamed her address.

Dispatcher: "Hi, it's 9-1-1, is everything OK? "

Henry (screaming): "1578 Gelhot Number 240."

Dispatcher:  "What's the address again? Hello? Please yell your address to me so I can send help!”

Officer: “I've got someone screaming inside. We got to get the ram to get the door open. The deadbolt is locked.”

When Carnes and Sgt. Aaron Meyer finally made their way into the Rolling Meadows condo,  Carnes was the first to see Williamson stabbing Henry in an upstairs bathroom, according to Chief Steve Maynard.

Officer:  "Shots fired! Shots fired! Stopped immediate threat."

Officer:  "All officers are OK. We need medic here now."

Officer: "She's bleeding pretty bad. Get the medics here."

Officer: "Female has got multiple stab wounds. She is still breathing. She's unresponsive."

Police say Williamson died at the apartment  and Henry died a short time later at Mercy Hospital in Fairfield.