Terrifying video at McDonald's drive-thru helps send violent dad to prison for 20 years

Police: Mom tried to hand off child to worker
Posted at 4:18 PM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-11 10:15:06-05

CINCINNATI – Terrifying video at a McDonald’s drive-thru helped send an "extremely violent" man to prison for 20 years Friday.

Police said the video showed a desperate mother trying to hand her 2-year-old through the drive-thru window after being abducted and attacked by the child's father last year.

But the father, 27-year-old Levenski Crossty, snatched the child and drove off with the mother's four children, leaving her screaming for help in the parking lot.

After a jury convicted Crossty on kidnapping, burglary and assault charges, Judge Jody Luebbers called him disturbing, extremely violent and dangerous. 

Crossty denied all of the charges, saying he didn’t break the law.

“I apologized to her a million times,” he said.

But Luebbers didn’t buy it. She gave Crossty an extra 180 days for contempt of court for contacting the woman and telling her not to testify.    

“I quite honestly, I don’t see any remorse whatsoever,” the judge said.

Luebbers railed at Crossty for manhandling his daughter in the video. 

“Driving through the drive thru - which we have all seen repeatedly - what you did is get out of the car, you literally pulled her. You almost pulled her pants down. You would not let her go. You pinned her. You endangered that child - your child that was in your arms," the judge said,

The jury did not convict Crossty on eight charges involving the kids. That shocked assistant prosecutor Matthew Broo.

“The utter disregard that the jury showed for the children that were at stake here, the children that the defendant used to facilitate his beating of the victim, the savage beating of this woman that the court saw,” Broo said.

The woman and her children endured a ride of terror from East Price Hill to Sayler Park, according to police.

Police say it started on Woodlawn Avenue where the woman was house-sitting. Crossty forced his way through a window by pushing in the air conditioner. He then punched her in the head and body and forced her and her children to drive off in her car.

Police say Crossty pulled over several times to assault her until they arrived at the McDonald's on Kibby Lane in Sayler Park. 

The mother had to be hospitalized for severe facial injuries, multiple bite marks and other wounds, police said.