Springfield Township home surveillance system catches package theft suspect

Posted at 7:28 PM, Oct 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-18 19:34:03-04

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Kelli Schmidt's home surveillance system turned out to be a good purchase. And fast.

Two days after she bought it, in early September, a camera recorded someone trying to get into her car. A few weeks ago, Schmidt said her system recorded a young man walking up to her home and stealing a package worth more than $100.

She put out a decoy package out next. Taken, too.

"He's very bold, you know. I'm afraid his next step is going to be inside my house," she said.

Kelli Schmidt says her home surveillance system captured someone taking a package from the porch of her Springfield Township home.

Schmidt's been trying to track down the thief: She sent the videos to Springfield Township Police Department, talked to nearby schools, even walked door to door, showing the video to neighbors.

"I've put a post on Facebook. It's been shared probably 200 times, there's been 5,000 views of it. There has been people that have re-shared it, people that say they know him but they're not sure of his actual name," Schmidt said.

Another neighbor, Ken Radecki, said the video surprised him, and he's being more cautious because of it.

"Somebody just had the nerve to walk up there and steal a few things from her -- it's unbelievable," Radecki said.

Schmidt asked her mailman to not deliver any packages unless someone signs for it. With the holidays coming up, she said it's good advice for anyone who receives packages to their home.

"I'm thinking it probably will happen again, if not to me, to somebody else," she said.