VIDEO: Family members of Pike County massacre victims make plea for information

8 Rhoden family members killed one year ago
Posted at 9:14 AM, Apr 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-21 17:58:09-04

"If there's someone out there who knows anything about what happened would they please, please come forward and tell them what happened."

That was Geneva Rhoden's plea to anyone watching a video the Ohio Attorney General's Office released Friday. Watch the video in the player above. 

Geneva is joined by her daughter, Teresa Grebing, in the video. Saturday is the one-year anniversary of the massacre, where eight members of the Rhoden family were shot execution-style in their homes.

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A year later, state and local authorities don't have a suspect and have remained tight-lipped about any specific progress in the case. During a news conference last week, investigators said they believed residents of Pike County were holding back information on the unsolved massacre because they were scared. 

"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind or in any investigator's mind that there's information that may be part truth, but not all the way true," Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader said.

The morning after the massacre, deputies found seven adults and a teenage boy from the Rhoden family shot to death at four homes near Piketon. A newborn, another baby and a young child were unharmed.

The victims included Dana Rhoden, Frankie Rhoden, Christopher Rhoden Sr., Chris Rhoden Jr., Hannah Gilley, Kenneth Rhoden, Hanna Rhoden and Gary Rhoden.

Geneva Rhoden, mother of Christopher Sr. and Kenneth, said the hurt she experienced after the massacre hasn't diminished. 

"From a mother's heart I just can't explain how I feel inside," she said. "It just hurts so bad. I hurt so much. I pray that someone will open up and tell what they know."  

Grebing echoed a similar sentiment. 

"Nobody can imagine what this family has been through," Grebing said. "You know there's been a lot of stuff that's been put out there, but my brothers were good people. They would give you the shirt off their back if they could. They will do anything to help you." 

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Reader both said they expect an arrest someday, with DeWine saying "significant progress" has been made and the case is still his office's top priority. DeWine expressed frustration that he couldn't make public all the information investigators have gathered.

"We are going to find you. We are going to arrest you. And justice will be done," DeWine said.