Sheriff: Man killed baby daughter, himself

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jun 03, 2016

HILLSBORO, Ohio -- A man shot and killed his 1-year-old daughter Friday afternoon before shooting himself, the Highland County sheriff said.

Timothy Harewood, 35, was found dead in the yard of a home on Trenton Street, Sheriff Donnie Barrera said.

Barrera said Harewood shot his daughter in the head while she was in her crib.

Harewood then went outside, hit his girlfriend in the face and tried to shoot her, Barrera said. When the gun misfired, he shot and killed himself, the sheriff said.

"He seemed pretty easygoing, but like I said, I never expected this at all," neighbor Lawrence Turner said.

Turner also said the 1-year-old girl just started walking a few weeks ago.

"We got a lot of the officers that arrived on the scene today have children the same age," Barrera said. "It's a tragedy that something like this happens, and it puts the family and everybody at risk of going into something like that and having to see something like that."