Adrien Broner to police during Thursday's arrest: I'm rich, I don't give a f***

Boxer argues with officers, then makes them laugh
Posted at 3:55 PM, Apr 21, 2017
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WARNING: The above video contains explicit language that some may find offensive.

CINCINNATI -- Body camera footage from Covington police shows Adrien Broner argue with, but eventually give in to officers during his arrest early Thursday morning. 

The Cincinnati boxer asked officers to give him a citation instead of arrest him over an open warrant for a public intoxication charge in 2014. 

But he didn't get what he wanted. 

"I'm rich. I don't give a f*** about nothing," Broner said as officers put him in handcuffs and slowly led him to their patrol car. 

Covington police released the body camera footage Friday. Officers pulled him over in an SUV riddled with bullet holes and arrested him just after 1 a.m. in Covington, according to Cincinnati Police Lt. Steve Saunders.

In the video, Broner shouts at a passerby he knows, telling him, "they're taking me to jail, bro... come get me out of jail, bro." Police later told Broner multiple times to calm down and stop yelling.

“Stop, man. You’re spitting in his face and stuff,” an officer said.

He then told officers, referring to his arms: "I've got two guns on me."

The arresting officers laughed, and told Broner they'd loosen his handcuffs if they were too tight. 

"You help us out, we'll help you out," one officer said.

Broner told police he didn't know anything about who shot his car, but said whoever fired at him “tried to kill" him.

“I just almost got killed, and now they’re taking me to jail,” Broner said to a person off camera. 

Near the end of the video, Broner asked police if he could answer his phone.

“That’s -- that’s just my baby,” Broner said. “That’s one of my girlfriends. That’s -- that’s my second wife.”

One of the officers laughed again.

“You’ve got two wives? Damn, I’m living life wrong, son,” the officer said. 

Broner was booked into the Kenton County jail and later released at about 5 a.m., jail records show. He was charged with “failure to appear,” according to jail records.

Covington police noticed the bullet holes in Broner’s vehicle and called Cincinnati police, Saunders said. One bullet hole was on the driver-side door of Broner's SUV and another was on the door just behind it. The left rear window was shattered.

Broner may have been involved in a fight at G-Moni bar on Queen City Avenue in South Fairmont, according to Cincinnati police. Saunders said someone may have shot Broner’s vehicle during the fight. 

Several 911 callers reported multiple shots fired between vehicles at the intersection of W. McMillan Street and W. McMicken Avenue at about 1 a.m.

Police officials said Broner is not cooperating with their investigation. A person at Broner's house said he would not comment on the incident.

Broner was recently on trial for felony assault and robbery charges, all of which were dropped. Over the course of the trial, Broner didn't show up to court or showed up late, leading to multiple incarcerations and more charges.

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Broner's criminal history also includes charges of robbery (2010 and 2007), aggravated robbery (2007), felonious assault (2007), gun charges (2007 and 2008), domestic violence (2008), intimidation of a witness (2008) and battery (2013). All charges, with the exception of the battery charge from Florida, came from Hamilton County.

Broner's next court appearance is scheduled for April 27.