PD: Man climbs retaining wall along I-75, throws rocks at police officers

Posted: 7:49 AM, May 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-09 22:06:25Z

CINCINNATI -- A suspect ran across both lanes of Interstate 75, climbed a retaining wall and started throwing large rocks at police officers Tuesday evening, Lt. Steve Saunders said.

Enrique Fuentes, 21, sparked a “violent encounter” with several police officers after he threw a rock at an Elmwood Place officer's head. At least one officer tried to stun the man with a Taser, Saunders said, and a Cincinnati officer used a collapsible baton during the altercation.

"It was a big struggle, and quite frankly, a very dangerous situation when you're dealing with someone who is disorderly, irate and very irrational in dealing with officers and not being compliant in the situation near a very busy highway," Saunders said.

In addition to hitting a police officer, the man hit police cruisers and civilians with rocks, Saunders said.

Brittney Wooten said Fuentes damaged her car with a traffic cone.

"I did not see him because I was not expecting it. I literally didn't know where it came from," she said.

Medical professionals treated the officer at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and the police officer has since been released. Several officers sustained minor injuries, and one woman was treated for injuries after a rock broke her windshield.

First responders transported Fuentes to UCMC, and he will be moved to the Hamilton County Justice Center following an evaluation. He faces two counts of aggravated assault, three counts of resisting arrest, one count of criminal damaging or endangering, one count of assault and one count obstructing official business.

"Obviously going through some episode -- I'm not sure what exactly caused the situation, possibly mental health issues or drugs or perhaps a combination of those," Saunders said.

The Cincinnati, St. Bernard and Elmwood Place Police Departments responded to the situation. Wooten said she's thankful no one was more seriously hurt.

"That could have been my windshield, it could have been a tragic accident. So thank God I was able to walk out of it and even the officers," she said.