PD: Fight preceded fatal Springdale club shooting

PD: Man dies in Springdale lounge shooting
Posted at 5:46 AM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 22:30:19-05

SPRINGDALE, Ohio -- A Cincinnati man was killed in a shooting outside a Springdale Lounge early Thursday.

David Salter Jr., 35, was shot multiple times outside the Indulge VSP Lounge on Glensprings Drive, according to police. The incident started as a fight on the dance floor at about 1:12 a.m. Bouncers separated the two, but friends of Salter's began to assault Shawndre Houston, according to court records. 

"During this exchange the bouncers were restraining Houston while these others were striking Houston in the face over and over again," police wrote in an affidavit. 

Houston then went outside with his cousin, Keonta Hardy, and met their other cousin. They got in a car and Houston began to drive, with the other two in the back. He circled the building in the car and was going around again when he pulled up next to Salter, stopped the vehicle, and fired five shots out the open window, striking Salter two or three times, according to court records. 

Police arrested two men in the shooting, they announced Thursday evening. Houston, 33, was charged with aggravated murder. Hardy, 22, was charged with obstructing justice. 

Hardy lied to police and said he wasn't at the scene of a fight or shooting, even after being confronted with video and witness statements, police said in court records. 

Witnesses helped treat Salter until police arrived. Salter was driven to Bethesda North Hospital but died during treatment.

Witnesses who called 911 reported that the shooter left quickly after the incident.

"It just happened really fast," one 911 caller told a dispatcher.

Police asked anybody with information about this homicide to call Springdale Police at 513-346-5760 or Crimestoppers at 513-346-5760. Despite the arrests, police said they are still interested in anyone with information.

"You have no idea how relevant it is until you call and let us know," Asst. Chief Tom Wells said. "It may be something that we're not aware of or it may be something that can help us break a case wide open."