Official: Student sold 'bulk amounts' of drugs

Posted at 12:58 AM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 01:00:46-05

MASON, Ohio -- A Mason High School student sold "bulk amounts" of LSD and a synthetic designer drug to undercover detectives, according to the commander of Warren County's drug task force.

Logan Fitzpatrick, 18, was the subject of a one-month investigation earlier this year.

According to Maj. Steve Arrasmith, detectives got information in January that Fitzpatrick was trafficking drugs in Mason and Deerfield Township.

Arrasmith said Fitzpatrick was selling 50-unit doses at a time.

"Given the age of Logan and the type of drugs that he was selling, we moved fairly quickly on this one," Arrasmith said.

In addition to the LSD and synthetic designer drug, 25C, Arrasmith said detectives bought a sample dose of Ecstasy from Fitzpatrick. He was also involved in trafficking marijuana, Arrasmith said.

Fitzpatrick was arrested Feb. 8 after detectives searched his parents' home, where he lived.

"Most cases, especially this 25C as they call it, the sources are typically out of the country, and you can order this stuff online unfortunately," Arrasmith said.

Designer drugs are constantly changing, according to Arrasmith, meaning users are exposed to ever-shifting dangers, including the potential for accidental overdose and death.

He added that parents should ask questions if their child has large quantities of cash but no job.

Reached at his home Tuesday night, Fitzpatrick declined to comment, other than to say he wasn't doing well. According to Arrasmith, the teen took online classes but is still considered a Mason High student.