Video shows man shot three times at Hartwell gas station

Motorist captures scene after shoooting
Posted at 8:05 PM, Feb 15, 2017

CINCINNATI – Cellphone video shows a shooting victim in pain, unable to pull himself off the floor of a Hartwell gas station Wednesday night.

The man who shot the video had just pulled into the parking lot of the Sunoco on East Galbraith Road with his daughter, then walked into the store not knowing that he just missed gunfire outside.

 "I asked him if he was all right,” said the man who took the video and gave it to WCPO. “He said, ‘No, I hurt.’ I told him to hold on and the paramedics were on their way."

Police say someone fired three shots through the victim’s van window as the 24-year-old sat inside. He was hit in the upper torso, then ran into the store for help.

The man who shot the video does not want to be identified because the shooter is still out there.

 "I didn't even know until I got into the store what had happened," he said.

 "There was a guy laying right in front of the counter with multiple gunshots."

The gas station was full of customers, he said.

 "It's getting bad. They are out here playing with these guns. Somebody else could have got shot."

That somebody could have been his own daughter, who was sitting in her father's car just feet away from the victim's.

Police believe the shooting was targeted.

There has been no report on the victim's condition.

The shooter was a bald man wearing a dark blue or black hoodie and a mask, according to police. He was last seen running toward Woodbine.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040.