Local girls AAU basketball coach charged with sex crime

PD say Keith Gwynn had sexual contact with girl
Posted at 12:07 PM, Jul 20, 2017
and last updated 2019-01-29 15:04:23-05

1/29/19 update: Court records show Keith Gwynn pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor assault charge. He served 90 days and is currently in the second year of a three-year probation. He is also subject to a five-year restraining order filed against him by the girl and her mother. The original story follows:

CINCINNATI -- A local girls basketball coach was arrested and charged with sexual imposition after he was accused of sexual contact with a minor.

Police say Keith Gwynn, 37, put his hand in a girl's bra and in her pants after he invited her to his home to "hang out" in late December. The 15-year-old victim said she and Gwynn agreed to "take a nap" in his bedroom together, fully clothed. Gwynn and the girl kissed; then, Gwynn molested the girl, according to court documents.

The girl told Gwynn to stop, an affidavit said, but he persisted and put his hand down her pants. She told him to stop again and Gwynn abided. He drove the girl to her friend's house.

Gwynn is head coach and founder of Team Championship Behavior, an AAU basketball organization with three girls teams based in Cincinnati.

"We are committed to empowering athletes with the necessary tools to be successful on and off the court," the organization's mission statement says. "We are driven to instill a sense of passion, purpose, and pride in living their lives with Championship Behavior."

Gwynn previously coached at Kent State, Walnut Hills and Norwood.

Gwynn was charged with one count of sexual imposition and given a $10,000 bond. He was released on bond Wednesday.