Suspect killed at pharmacy had prior record, released from prison in December

Told judge his kids needed their father
Suspect killed at pharmacy had prior record, released from prison in December
Posted at 12:42 PM, Aug 23, 2016

HAMILTON, Ohio -- An aggravated robbery suspect who a Hamilton police officer shot Monday had been out of prison less than a year when he died, WCPO media partner the Journal-News reported.

Kelley Brandon Forte, 34, was convicted in 2012 of aggravated vehicular assault; Hamilton County Judge Robert Winkler sentenced him to four years in prison, with a mandatory two years.

Forte was released from prison Dec. 30 and was under three years of post-release control.

According to documents obtained by the Journal-News, Forte petitioned Winkler for early release in March 2015, but Winkler denied the request. In his correspondence to the judge, Forte said he had a "minute" prison record and was an active student of Crossroad Bible Institute. A letter of support was included from an employee of the Bible institute.

Forte also said he had three children in "dire need of father" and ended the letter with "God Bless."

Hamilton Police Chief Craig Bucheit said Forte jumped a counter at a Walgreens store early Monday and held a knife to a pharmacist's throat.


Two officers initially arrived at the store -- Officer Kevin Ruhl, a 33-year-old, nine-year veteran of HPD and Officer Danielle Sorber, a 23-year-old, one-year veteran of HPD.

"The officers arrived in approximately one minute," Bucheit said. "There they saw a lone, armed suspect holding a knife to the pharmacist's throat. He failed to comply with the officer's commands."

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Bucheit said Ruhl is the officer who shot and fatally wounded Forte.

Robinson said Tuesday that the "investigation is ongoing" and is "expected to be presented to the Grand Jury later this week."