Is Pike County a dangerous place?

Is Pike County a dangerous place?
Posted at 1:19 PM, Apr 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-23 13:39:27-04

PIKE COUNTY, Ohio -- If you Google "Pike County Ohio Crime," the first few pages of results are almost exclusively related to Friday's mass shooting that killed eight people, all members of the Rhoden family.

Ohio's attorney general, the Bureau of Criminal Investigations and local authorities are working to identify the shooter -- who has not yet been detained -- and put the pieces together of the mass family killing.

Watch the video below for background on the killing:


Pike County is a small rural county located 70 miles east of Cincinnati near the Appalachian mountain range.

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However, the crime rate in Pike County hardly reflects Friday's mass fatal shootings.

Pike County's violent crime rate is nearly 98 percent lower than the national average and more than 66 percent lower than the state average. See the chart below for a visualization:

On a national scale, the Pike County shooting falls in the middle regarding number of victims compared to the other mass shootings of 2016.

Recent arrests in Pike County include drug possession and trafficking, assault and robbery. The last death investigation in Pike County was October 2015 when a man was killed in a bar fight, according to the Sheriff's Office.