Freddie Green of Lebanon sentenced for killing dad

Freddie Green of Lebanon sentenced for killing dad
Posted at 5:32 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-27 17:32:42-05

LEBANON, Ohio -  A 43-year-old Lebanon man who killed his father was sentenced to 18 years to life Monday.

Freddie Green shot 64-year-old Sidney Green in the back of the head during an argument on Dec. 2, 2016, according to prosecutors. Freddie Green said he shot his father in self-defense.

LISTEN to Green's 911 call.

"The other day he had the gun and he said he was going to shoot me...he had the gun loaded cocked bullet in the chamber and my little brother stopped him," Freddie Green said in a 911 call. "A little bit ago he started again. He went and grabbed the gun and I took it from him ... I fired and I shot him."

Green' first trial ended in a mistrial when jurors couldn't reach a unanimous verdict. He was found guiltyof murder on Oct. 25.