Four years later, Brittany Stykes' parents still grieve slain daughter, ache for answers

Young mom, 14-month-old daughter shot in Brown Co.
Posted at 7:28 PM, Aug 03, 2017
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GEORGETOWN, Ohio – It’s been nearly four years since Brittany Stykes was shot to death on a Brown County road, and there haven’t been any charges or arrests.

The anguish and frustration show clearly in the faces and voices of Stykes’ parents. Dave and Mary Dodson pass a memorial for their daughter every time they drive on Route 68.

“When I first got here today, I cried because seeing her cross and checking the flowers and everything else, it really hits you in the gut that she isn’t here,”  Mary Dodson said Thursday. “She is never coming back and the way that it happened, we still four years later don’t have any answers.”

Brittany's 14-month-old daughter Aubree was shot in the head while sitting in her car seat. Aubree survived, but Brittany's unborn child did not.

Aubree is 5 years old now and asking questions.

“It’s very rough,” said Dave Dodson. “Aubree still wants to know what happened to her mom. She is still asking questions and the answers aren’t there for her.”

The Dodsons have a strained relationship at best with Brittany’s husband, Shane Stykes. In the past, they have accused Stykes of being involved in the killing.

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Stykes made another appearance on the KiddChris Show on WEBN to tell his side of the story.

Stykes:  “Everybody wants somebody to point the finger at, you know?”  

KiddChris: “Shane, are you still battling with the family?”

Stykes:  “I wouldn’t call it battling. I am just trying to be as easy going as I possibly can for my daughter’s sake. They have said and done some things I totally don’t agree with, but again, I put myself in their situation, they lost their child.”

Brittany’s parents didn’t have much to say about the interview.

“I really don’t know what to think on that,” Dave Dodson said.  “I am kind of … you know. I don’t know.”

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Earlier this year,  Brown County investigators said they had received two credible tips in the murder investigation. But since then the family has been given no new information.

“If anybody knows anything, search your heart and bring it to the police. We need answers for Aubree,” Mary Dodson said

There will be a candlelight vigil for Brittany on Aug. 28, the anniversary of her death. The Brown County prosecutor said there are no new leads but they are actively working on the case.