Erlanger warns of scam email about speed cameras

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 18:23:43-04

ERLANGER, Ky. -- Thousands of people travel on Dixie Highway through Erlanger every day.

The Erlanger Police Department hopes they won't fall victim to an email scam claiming the victim owes money for speeding near a government facility.

The department got a tip about the scam Tuesday, Sgt. Jon Sterling said.

"Tips come from people who are aware," he said. "People being more aware over the course of the years because the scams are becoming more frequent."

Sterling's colleague shared an image of the official-looking email on the department's Facebook page. It says, in part:

Notice of Infraction
Government Uniform Summons

This email is to notify you that your vehicle was photographed violating the posted speed limits around a government facility. Under the law the registered owner of a vehicle is liable for payment of the fine for violations recorded using an automated traffic enforcement system, unless the vehicle was not in the custody of the of the (sic) owner at the time of the infraction.

Richard Vando, who lives in Crescent Springs, said the email's not a hard sell.

"It's easy to be said that you were caught speeding, because I'm sure everybody speeds on their drive," Vando said.

Sterling said most residents should know Erlanger doesn't have any cameras. Anyone who gets the email should delete it, he said.

"I understand it's human nature to hopefully not want to be rude," he said. "It's not rude to hang up on someone who's trying to scam you. It's not rude to get rid of an email that's a scam."