Wilmington Police: Prisoner in shackles escaped, stole car, still on the loose

John McKinney charged in bank robbery
Posted at 8:01 AM, Sep 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-05 21:49:59-04

WILMINGTON, Ohio – A bank robbery suspect was able to escape police custody, elude two K-9 units and steal a car even while wearing leg shackles and a handcuff on one wrist, Wilmington police said Monday.

John McKinney was at Clinton County Memorial Hospital in the custody of a single Wilmington officer when he "took advantage of a momentary lapse in security"  and escaped just before 7 p.m Sunday, police said Monday.

He was still on the loose as of Monday night.

Video shows McKinney stealing a car from a residence near Wilmington High School, police said. The vehicle, a 2003 gray Lincoln LS with Ohio plate DNS8336, was recovered Monday.

McKinney was at the hospital because he had made "a medical complaint" while being housed at the Clinton County Jail, police said. He was charged with a bank robbery in Wilmington on Aug. 30.

"Obviously there are questions as to how he was able to flee custody and that investigation will take place as well," police said in a statement. "Our current focus is on finding McKinney and bringing this incident to close without harm to the public, law enforcement or John McKinney."

When he fled, McKinney was wearing jail-issued clothing with black and white stripes, police said. When last seen, McKinney was wearing a "WHS alumni T-shirt and boxer shorts."

Police cautioned that anyone who may be helping McKinney "is aiding an escaped prisoner and may face felony prosecution."

After McKinney escaped the hospital, a Warren County Sheriff's K-9 unit tracked him across Main Street to an area north of the hospital, police said. A Clermont County Sheriff's K-9 unit tracked him further north to Wilmington High School.

Wilmington Police asks anyone who knows McKinney's location to call 911. Report other information about McKinney to police dispatch at (937) 382-3833.