CPD: 'Leader of check fraud ring' arrested and charged

Vernon Johnson Court
Vernon Johnson
Posted at 8:41 AM, Jun 24, 2019

CINCINNATI — The alleged leader of a check fraud ring is being held on a $120,000 bond after his arrest over the weekend.

Cincinnati police announced Sunday that officers arrested Vernon Johnson, 26, on a federal probation violation.

According to a news release, Johnson conducted forgery and theft offenses throughout the Greater Cincinnati area and Indiana. Police said Johnson had been targeting Fifth Third Bank locations, Jack Casino, Belterra Park and Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg.

Johnson is charged with four counts of forgery in Hamilton County.

“Of only the four checks they have him charged with here — and there will be many more in the future — but of only the four, we’re talking an actual loss of over $30,000,” said Assistant Prosecutor David Wood. “The smallest check involved was $4,500.”

A detective speaking in court Monday said Johnson was arrested in Lebanon and was stunned with a Taser because he did not comply with officers, the detective said.

Johnson’s case goes before a grand jury on July 1.