Court documents: Ex-judge Dallas Powers grabbed woman's behind at gas station

Court documents: Ex-judge Dallas Powers grabbed woman's behind at gas station
Posted at 2:01 PM, Jan 29, 2018

Former Warren County Judge Dallas Powers, who resigned in 2005 after being found guilty of public indecency while on the job, is scheduled to be sentenced for a similar charge Tuesday in Kettering Municipal Court.

Citing court records, the Journal-News reports Powers grabbed the buttock of a 36-year-old woman at a Speedway in Centerville.

"The woman reacted by turning toward the defendant and confronting him about his behavior not being acceptable," a Centerville police detective wrote about the April 30, 2017 incident that was caught on surveillance video. "On May 17, 2017, the same woman observed the defendant at the Speedway and obtained his license plate number."

The detective wrote that he found a match when he compared the vehicle's registered owner to a still photo from surveillance video. A Centerville police report shows than an officer responded to the April incident.

The woman issued a statement through her attorney about her contact with Centerville police. The woman is considering a civil action against Powers.

"They handled my situation with care and sensitivity," said the woman. "I was only in contact with one officer and that was my responding officer but every step of the way he kept me up to date and made me feel supported through it all." 

Powers, 83, of Waynesville, had his case pleaded down after originally being charged with sexual imposition and disorderly conduct. Powers agreed to plead guilty to public indecency/exposure, according to court records.

His attorney did not return a message Sunday seeking comment.

In 2005, Powers faced 13 felony and three misdemeanor charges while sitting on the Warren County bench after allegedly discriminating against women in the office who did not provide him with sexual favors.

Many allegations stemmed from Powers’ affair with former probation officer Libbie (Gerondale) Sexton.

The 2005 criminal case was moved to Hamilton County because Powers believed he couldn’t get a fair hearing in Warren County. It was settled Sept. 26, 2005. Warren County also settled five related sexual harassment lawsuits.

Sexton faced three misdemeanor public indecency charges alleging she and Powers “engaged in sexual conduct” in the county court building in June and July 2004.

Powers, a part-time county judge for 16 years, also faced three felony counts of sexual battery, alleging he used coercion for sexual contact with another court employee in October 1998, July 2004 and August 2004.

Powers also was accused of gross sexual imposition alleging he “placed his mouth” on a court employee’s breast in June 2004.

Powers had not presided in court and was generally out of the court offices during the fall of 2004, after five employees brought complaints claiming they were sexually harassed or Powers’ behavior created a hostile work environment.

On Jan. 3, 2005, Powers confronted employees in court offices and outside in the parking lot.

This prompted the other part-time Warren County court judge, Donald Oda II, to bar Powers from the court during work hours and the county commissioners to deactivate his electronic building key.

As a result of his actions Jan. 3, 2005, Powers faced two charges of intimidation of a criminal witness and two charges of retaliation.


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