911 calls reveal chaos after mass shooting at Colerain Township gender reveal party

Posted at 10:09 AM, Jul 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 07:18:31-04

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Screaming, crying and confusion: Calls to 911 reveal operators struggled to get crucial information from victims, witnesses and neighbors after a mass shooting left a woman dead and eight others wounded.

A mother-to-be lost her unborn baby after being shot in the leg, the woman told WCPO. Mark Denney, Colerain Township Chief of Police, has not confirmed an unborn child died in the shooting.

Three children were among those injured, though their injuries aren't considered life-threatening. One victim is in critical condition. Another said she was pregnant but lost her baby after she was shot in the leg.

All were at a gender reveal party, a kind of baby shower, at a home on Capstan Drive.

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It's hard to make out much from calls placed inside the home. Several people scream and sob. A baby or young child cries in the background.

A man simply told the operator, "There's a whole lotta people here shot."

"I just seen two people walk by," he said. "I looked outside, next thing I know they just ran in and just started shooting."

The operator tried to find out how many people were inside or have been shot. The man couldn't say.

"Why would somebody come do this?" he asked quietly.

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Another caller was outside, sitting in a car, when she saw two hooded figures go up to the home.

She said she heard gunfire after the pair went inside, then watched them run off into the night.

One was wearing a blue hoodie, the other was wearing a green hoodie, she said. She couldn't give much more of a description.

"There is little kids hurt and everything," she said.

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Someone screams and hyperventilates at the beginning of another call. 

"I need more than one ambulance please," the woman screams.

Later, a neighbor said someone came to her home and banged on the door for help. The operator tried to get the number of victims. The neighbor was unsure but thought five.

"Ma'am, all I know is, I don't know what's going on," she said.

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No one is in custody, but "detectives have a couple of leads they're following up on," said Jim Love, Colerain police public information officer.

Cincinnati police homicide detectives are assisting in the investigation. Officers from other departments, including North College Hill and Green Township, also were at the scene overnight.

No other details have been released.