Bond hearing set for David Dooley before murder retrial

Posted at 6:42 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 18:55:10-04

BURLINGTON, Ky. -- David Dooley has been living behind bars since 2012, but that could change next month.

Thursday, the judge in Dooley's upcoming retrial scheduled a bond hearing for next month.

Dooley is accused of killing his coworker, Michelle Mockbee, in 2012. He was convicted of her murder in 2014, but the conviction was thrown out because of a video showing an unidentified man approach the building before Mockbee's death. The defense was never made aware of the video.

Dooley's family is hoping the new trial will prove his innocence.

"We're just hoping that something good comes out of all of this and Judge Schrand does let him come home," Dooley's wife, Janet Dooley, said.

But Mockbee's family is not happy with the recent developments in the case.

"I think it's unfair that his family still gets to still see him in prison, they got to see him today," her sister, Cindy Parker, said. "We don't get to see Michelle, we'll never get to see Michelle again."

Mockbee's other sister, Jennifer Schneider, said they're looking forward to the new trial.

"We look forward to the facts of the case coming out and the public being made more aware of those facts that clearly point to David Dooley's guilt," she said.

If David Dooley is granted bond at the next hearing, his family says it'll be something of a dream come true.

"We have a crisis in our family right now and it would be nice to have Dave home with all of us to get us through," Janet Dooley said.

Mockbee's family says they're managing to find their emotional strength elsewhere.

"We're the voice of Michelle, and we miss her dearly," Schneider said.