19 shots fired at Middletown couple's home, Jeep

Posted at 11:57 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 08:04:43-04

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio -- Middletown police are trying to figure out who fired 19 rounds into a couple's home and Jeep early Tuesday morning.

One the shots nearly hit Virginia Taylor, who said she woke up to a bullet through her front window.

"We've never had a difference of opinion with anybody on our street," she said. "We've lived here for 11 years -- nice neighborhood, nice, good people."

Her husband, Leonard, said he was watching TV. After five years in the Army, he said he was startled, not shaken.

"I've had too many bullets shot at me before. Why should I be afraid? The old man up above takes care of me," he said.

According to a Middletown police report, a car seen leaving the neighborhood was stopped shortly after the shots tore up the Taylors' home. The two people inside denied any involvement, but the driver was arrested on other, unrelated charges.

Virginia said whoever shot at her home should watch up for karma to catch up with them.

"I hope you're watching, I hope you're listening, because you might think you'll never be touched by it, but I guarantee you, what goes around comes around. And your day will be here when you're the feeblest of all times, you will still be picked out for somebody to hurt you."

Middletown police have been trying to track down the couple's grandson, but it's not clear why. The Taylors said they have no idea why someone would shoot at their home.