With big stores running low on supplies, some shoppers are turning to small vendors

Posted at 4:11 PM, Mar 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-14 18:32:35-04

CINCINNATI — With schools, events and businesses closing, one place that’s staying open is Findlay Market.

Keith Thornberry thinks it’s easier to find what you need at Findlay Market during the corona shopping frenzy rather than the bigger stores.

“Yesterday I went to Kroger to get toilet paper, and that’s all I need to say, you know the story,” Thornberry said.

Brooke Charek agrees. She tried the Kroger run and came up short.

“Well, my Kroger was out of all meat and stuff and I come here and they have everything,” Charek said.

To Thornberry, it’s also about keeping local business afloat in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We support them when it’s good and we support them when it’s bad,” Thornberry said.

Owner of the Etc. Produce and Provisions, Toncia Chavez says she has the benefit of her products being local.

“Nothing’s coming from California, nothing’s coming from Texas, nothing’s coming from Mexico -- my supply lines are secure.” Chavez said.

Kelly Lanser, Findlay Market director of communications, said they’re still taking extra precautions with sanitation.

“With Serve Safe practices and restaurant health department regulations, most of the merchants, it’s business as usual,” Lanser said.

Ultimately, the vendors are packed and ready to go.

“I still have 400 eggs coming a day, so all those eggs need to go somewhere. I’m going to have a lot of quiches,” Chavez said.

For those who want to stay home, Findlay Market has extended their delivery and pickup service. Starting next week you can get free delivery and pickup Tuesday through Friday.