Virtual town hall is a chance for parents to ask questions about COVID-19's impact on kids

Posted at 6:49 AM, Sep 23, 2021

A virtual town hall meeting Thursday evening is focused on answering parents' questions about how COVID-19 may affect their kids.

“COVID's Impact on our Youth” will feature a discussion on the state of COVID-19 in schools, the delta variant, and what educators and parents can do to keep children safe.

Educators say there's a big push to get children 12 and up vaccinated but less than 25% of eligible youth in the region are vaccinated - and numbers are lower in the black community.

They believe the numbers are low because youth and parents still have a lot of questions about the vaccine

Some of the featured speakers include Cincinnati Public Schools superintendent Tianay Amat and Dr. Lou Edje, associate dean of graduate medical education at the UC’s College of Medicine. The town hall is part of the Health Gap's "We Must Save Us" campaign.

Click here for more details on how to attend Thursday's town hall on Facebook Live, Zoom or by phone. The event starts at 7 p.m.