Moving to college in the age of COVID-19

Posted at 6:11 AM, Aug 12, 2020

While some colleges are postponing fall sports thanks to COVID-19, move-in day is still happening for many colleges and universities.

Students at Xavier University, for example, are heading back to campus on Wednesday.

Because of COVID-19 though, incoming students can only have two other people assist them moving in, and everyone has to wear a mask unless they are in their dorm room.

Students at Northern Kentucky University have been given a whole week to move in, rather than the usual one day. Before moving in though, students had to complete a COVID-19 screening, and masks are also required at NKU while moving in.

What's more, Victorfest, NKU's celebration of the start of the fall semester, is going virtual this year to help promote social distancing.

Classes at XU and NKU begin Aug. 17. Both schools will have hybrid learning models of remote and in-person classes as well.