Kroger sets limit nationwide for number of people inside stores

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Posted at 6:16 AM, Apr 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-07 06:16:39-04

CINCINNATI — In order to help maintain social distancing, Kroger officials said their stores nationwide would limit the number of people allowed inside at once.

Kroger's new policy states each store must allow 120 square-feet for each customer inside a store at a time. This limits the number of people inside a Kroger to about half of the store's capacity. Many local Kroger stores started using this new policy this past weekend.

Even though Kroger's policy is nationwide, it comes after Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine called for stores across Ohio to limit the number of people allowed to be in a store at one time.

"We've also seen some stores which have actually gone to a one-way aisle," DeWine said. "Again, the idea is to keep people from brushing up against each other or getting close to each other."

Walmart officials said they are also going to start limiting the number of people inside their stores to about 20% of the stores capacity.