DeWine: Goal is to have kids back in the classroom in the fall

Posted at 4:59 PM, Jun 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-02 16:59:44-04

After consultation with school officials throughout the state and the Ohio Department of Education, Governor Mike DeWine said his goal is to have kids in school, back in the classroom, in the fall.

While the committees are still working on drafting up a list of guidelines for health that schools would follow, DeWine indicated he is optimistic that, barring any unforeseen spike in COVID-19 cases in the state, school will be able to resume in the fall as usual.

"The date for starting school is solely within the power of the local school board, so that is not something that we have any intention of impacting, barring something that we don't know is coming," said DeWine.

His office plans to provide schools with broad guidelines for health practices that should be implemented in schools, but DeWine said that list is still a work in progress.

Shortly after DeWine's announcement, Cincinnati Public Schools released a letter to the public detailing their current plan to carefully reopen schools, starting with bringing employees back through the summer.

As of the end of May, CPS reopened the Education Center to employees and the public, with appointments still being recommended to keep the amount of people inside the building down. On June 1, school offices opened to all employees. On June 15, those offices will open to the public as well, but the district said they still prefer people make appointments to come in.

While summer school will continue with its planned online track, CPS said they are working to plan on reopening schools for students for the fall. A survey for parents and community members is set up for people to express their concerns or questions about reopening the schools.

The letter from CPS states that the district will have their final plan for reopening available for employees, families and the public at the end of June.