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Healthcare workers decide to 'Sock it to' the Freestore Foodbank

Posted at 5:48 AM, May 06, 2021

CINCINNATI — Some healthcare workers are working with the Freestore Foodbank to ensure they will have more than just food to give to those in need.

Crothall Healthcare employees work at Cincinnati Children's Hospital to make sure the hospital is clean and sanitary. These healthcare workers also run handfuls of projects to benefit non-profits, and they decided to run a sock drive called "Sock it to Me" for the Freestore Foodbank this time around.

What started as a few groups of employees collecting socks to donate, though, snowballed into teams of employees competing against each other to see who could bring in the most socks. When it ended, the teams had collected a total of 4,238 pairs.

"I think our co-workers were a little concerned because our conference room was taken over," Suzanne Lohman, assistant director of training, development and patient experience with Crothall Healthcare, said. "We had to store all the socks, count all the socks and then we had to figure out a way to deliver the socks... We piled them in a huge car, van, truck type thing. They were about coming out the windows."

The Freestore Foodbank is now helping to distribute the socks to those in need. If you would like to donate a pair of socks, you can drop off new, never-worn socks to the Freestore Foodbank on Liberty Street in downtown Cincinnati.