Couple want people to say cheese and maybe donate some cheddar too

Posted at 7:20 AM, Apr 01, 2020

FLORENCE, Ky. — Normally in the beginning of April, people are getting their spring photos taken, but COVID-19 has made many people cancel those plans. A couple in Kentucky are bringing their cameras to people, though, and asking for donations instead of payment.

Adam and Keli Spanier are photographers who are part of the Front Steps Project, a nationwide movement of photographers who are taking people's photos and family portraits from a safe distance during the coronavirus pandemic. So far, the Spaniers have received more than 300 requests from families who still want their pictures taken.

"The first day we went out, it was a perfect feeling," Adam said. "So many families came out and lit up. There was a reason to still go on and enjoy life."

The Spaniers offer what they call "drive-by photo sessions" for free to people, but if people want to pay, the Spaniers ask for donations to be sent to the northern Kentucky non-profit, Go Pantry.

Go Pantry provides children with meals on weekends and spring break, as well as extended school closures like now. Right now, the pantry is feeding about 700 kids.

"It's been incredibly difficult," Go Pantry board member Holly Danneman said. "Everything that comes in is packed up and shipped out to the kids that need it."

However, thanks to the donations brought in thanks to the Spaniers, things are a little easier than they would be.

"We've seen this beautiful influx of money from the folks that they're photographing," Danneman said. "Keli and Adam are a perfect example of someone who took all of this unsettled energy and wanted to do something for the community."

Go Pantry cannot accept physical donations, but if you would like to donate to them, you can via their website here.