CAPTION THIS: Fantasy roster

Posted: 12:01 PM, May 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-08 16:01:11Z

The Reds aren't doing great. They're not even doing good or mediocre. The heirs to the Great Red Machine are 8-27 as of this writing, making the start of this season historically bad. They can't seem to get their pitching right. Their bats can be hot or, just as likely, wet noodles. The less said about management, the better.

However, just as in the previous "rebuilding" years, first baseman Joey Votto is punching above the Reds' collective weight. Diametrically opposite to the terrible years suffered by the Reds in general, Votto is continuing his streak as one of the best ballplayers currently in the game. 

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