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Woman who called 911 on Black man in Central Park also falsely alleged attempted assault, DA says

Posted at 11:26 AM, Oct 14, 2020

NEW YORK -- The white woman who called 911 on a Black man in Central Park back in May also made a second previously undisclosed phone call accusing the man of trying to assault her, the Manhattan district attorney revealed during a court appearance Wednesday.

Amy Cooper was caught on camera calling 911 and falsely accusing Christian Cooper of threatening her life during an argument over leashing her dog in an area of the park where it is required. Amy and Christian Cooper are not related.

Amy Cooper appeared in court Wednesday on a charge of falsely reporting an incident. According to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, the charge is related to the a second phone call, which was not heard on camera.

During that call to 911, Amy Cooper repeated her initial accusation and added that the man “tried to assault her," District Attorney Cyrus Vance said.

When officers arrived, Amy Cooper admitted that the man had not tried to assault her and had not come into contact with her, according Vance.

Amy Cooper appeared virtually before a judge Wednesday, but she did not enter a plea. The case was adjourned until Nov. 17.

The district attorney’s office is also exploring the option with Amy Cooper’s defense team of having her participate in an educational program to take responsibility for her actions and educate others on preventing future incidents.

The now viral video was taken on May 25 by Christian Cooper.

Following the incident, Amy Cooper was dubbed "Central Park Karen" — Karen being a term for women seen as acting racist and entitled.

Christian Cooper, an avid bird watcher, had repeatedly told Amy Cooper to leash her pet. Instead, she called 911.

Since the video went viral, Amy Cooper was fired by her employer and voluntarily surrendered custody of her dog to the rescue organization she adopted it from. The dog was later returned to her.

She has also apologized for her actions and claimed she is not racist.

The incident led to Gov. Andrew Cuomo signing an order that criminalizes making false, race-based 911 reports.

This story was originally published by Lauren Cook and Rebecca Soloman at WPIX.