VIDEO: P&G ad about racial profiling elicits strong emotions

Posted at 12:22 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 14:27:52-04

CINCINNATI -- An ad released by Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble for their "My Black is Beautiful" campaign is stirring up strong emotions online.

The ad shows several generations of black mothers talking to their children about safety, violence, racial slurs, traffic stops and other forms of racial prejudice all encompassed in "the talk." The ad's tagline says "Let's talk about 'The Talk' so we can end the need to have it. It’s time for everyone to #TalkAboutBias"

WATCH the ad below:

Online, some say the ad is powerful, heartbreaking and real.

"This commercial gives me chills," Serena Spates. "Great job P&G! In a perfect world there'd be no need for 'the talk.'"

"A powerful ad from P&G that address the elephant in the room," Ehiz Enek tweeted.

"Proctor Gamble just created a beautiful commercial that touched my soul," Armond E. Sinclair tweeted. "Thank You, P&G."

"I agree we have a long way to go, but P&G's 'The Talk' and other spots are brilliant and beautiful," Nicole Sagullo tweeted.

"Kudos to P&G (former client) for The Talk ad/video," Paula Hahn tweeted. "Nix the negative comments, people. Open your eyes."

As with many race-related items online, the ad experienced some backlash. 

"I am a proud parent of two African American kiddos and I'm a cop. I will no longer buy any P&G products," Brian Hill wrote on Facebook. "Your divisive and biased ads will not create more customers. More will stop buying your products."

Michele Yerdon Syvertsen posted a list of "what not to buy" -- P&G products -- on Facebook.

Others said the ad still had "back-handed messages," such as no fathers participating in "the talk" with children. (Note: One father was shown in the extended version of the ad, but he did not speak.)

According to AdWeek, "P&G decided to showcase what those conversations might look like in a powerful new spot taking on racial bias for My Black is spark a broader dialogue about black beauty."