Party Source, Jungle Jim's boycott Effen Vokda

Posted at 5:30 PM, May 03, 2016

CINCINNATI -- Jungle Jim's and The Party Source have joined the growing list of retailers and establishments who publicly condemned Curtis Jackson III -- more commonly known as 50 Cent -- and promised to stop selling his vodka.

Tuesday morning, The Holy Grail tweeted that they would no longer sell Effen Vodka -- Jackson's brand -- due to a video the rapper posted this weekend in which he ridicules a young disabled man working at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Jackson was at the airport this weekend after attending a bottle-signing event at Jungle Jim's in Eastgate.

In the video, Jackson questioned whether Andrew Farrell, 19, was on drugs.

"This is the new generation ... is crazy," Jackson said. "What's your name? Look at him -- look at -- what kind of (expletive) do you think he took before he got to work today? He high as a (expletive) right here in the airport."

Farrell, who graduated from Conner High School last year, has a hearing impairment and social anxiety disorder. He said he wasn't on drugs and had just started his shift when Jackson followed him.

"He was all up in my face," he said.

WATCH the full video -- now removed from Jackson's Instagram account -- in the player below:

As the video circulated, more restaurants answered The Holy Grail's call for a city-wide boycott.

Jungle Jim's and The Party Source made statements about Jackson's video, calling it "deplorable and disgusting."

Both retailers hosted 50 Cent to promote his vodka this year.

Also on the list of boycotters are MOTR Pub and Jeff Ruby's establishments. They also agreed to remove 50 Cent from their jukeboxes.

Gypsys in Mainstrasse has a creative solution to get rid of their remaining bottle of Effen Vodka: They posted on Facebook that, to get rid of their sole bottle of the liquor, they will sell shots of Effen Vodka for fifty cents.

(Get it?)

"50 Cent is an Effen douche so we will be selling this Effen vodka for 50 cents until it's gone!" the post said. "We can pour it for you and you can pour it on the ground."