Can Cincinnati area fill 50,000 Amazon jobs? Chamber says yes

Posted at 4:20 PM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-19 17:44:47-04

CINCINNATI - The region's bid for Amazon's new $5B headquarters is done and submitted, and now the waiting begins.

All the parties involved have signed non-disclosure agreements, so we don't know exact details of incentives being offered. But we do know the region is competing with 100 other communities across the country for the prize of 50,000 high-paying jobs.

The big question is whether the region can supply all those jobs.

Jordan Vogel, Vice President of Talent Initiatives for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, says yes.

 “One thing we know is HQs like other HQs and we've got 2.6 times the national average of companies headquartered here,” said Vogel.  “We have 40,000 folks working in HQ positions.  On the tech talent side, we have more Fortune 500 companies than San Francisco, Chicago or New York.

"What that means is that, although we may not have a preponderance of tech companies per se, we've got tech talent —mature tech talent — within all these companies and mid-sized companies within the region.”

Amazon is a sponsor of "The Big College Event" that began Thursday afternoon at the Duke Energy Center. It's bringing in college freshmen to make sure they know what Cincinnati has to offer so they might want to stay here after graduation.

The region's bid covers Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and even Dayton, Ohio, and meets all of Amazon's criteria.

The Banks is one of three sites proposed for 500,000 square feet of office space. The others are in Northern Kentucky - in  Newport and Covington.

Amazon will now study the bids, but it won't make any decisions until next year.

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