Old car models are making a comeback as companies resurrect past vehicles

Posted at 3:54 PM, Jan 15, 2019

Big car companies like Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Chevy and Honda are bringing back the glory days.

Joe Wiesenfelder with says car companies are resurrecting vehicles from decades ago.

"If it's not reminiscent of the previous version, there will be people who are upset about it," he says.

The 1980's Toyota Supra sports car is coming back. Ford is rebranding two of their trucks: the Ranger and the infamous 1990's Bronco.

Have you ever heard of the Jeep Gladiator pick-up truck? That's got a whole new look and feel.

Chevy is revamping the old Trail Blazer and naming the new SUV the Chevy Blazer.

As for Honda, the company is bringing back the Passport.

So, why jump start these cars to bring them back to life?

"It's not so much nostalgia as it is car companies filling holes in their lineup," Wiesenfelder explains.

Wiesenfelder also says it's cheaper to bring back old models instead of starting from scratch.

"Consumers don't recognize how much it cost in marketing money to teach the public a new if there is an old name with positive connotation, it's already paid for," he explains.

So, just like in soap operas, when you think someone or something is dead, they can always be brought back to life.