Walmart $1 Kitchen And Home Goods Deal

Posted at 5:15 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-30 14:00:32-04

Don't Waste Your Money was not paid by Walmart nor is affiliated with Walmart. Our editorial team tries to find stories that our readers will benefit from, including deals and interesting products.  All deals and coupons were valid at the time this story was published. If you’re reading this after they’ve expired, check our Facebook page or the deals section of our website  for more ways to save! You can find incredibly affordable items at Walmart, but the fact that you can score kitchen items and home essentials for just $1 or less right now takes the savings potential to a whole other level. Just in time to stock up for dorm days, Walmart's offering chances to save on everything from spatulas to candles, so you'll have your living space ready to go—without breaking the bank. You can access the deal online on Walmart's website. Some of these items are also available for free pickup at your local Walmart. We're not sure if you can just walk in to your local store and start shopping, so it's best to call ahead and ask first. You're going to want to open up a tab and start shopping sooner rather than later, too because many items have already gone out of stock. Here are just a few items that were still available at the time of publication. Happy shopping (and saving)!

Cookie Pan

Cravings are no joke in college, so you're going to want to make sure you've got quite a few cookie sheets on-hand for all of your late night baking needs. Good thing you canscore them for only $1 now.

Laundry Basket

You'll need to keep your clothes organized until laundry day comes around, and considering these baskets areonly 96 cents, you'll likely want to grab a few and keep them scattered around your dorm room—one in the bathroom, one by the bed, you know the drill.

Pizza Cutter

Pizzas are cheap and easy to throw in the oven, so it makes sense that college students (and everyone else) will be eating quite a few of them. So, you know what that means? This 98 cent pizza cutter is bound to get its fair use. Worth the money you'll spend on it? Umm, you bet!

Spray Bottle

This ironing spray bottle can be used to add water to your clothing while ironing to keep them wrinkle-free, or can be used to hold household cleaners and more. Use it in a way that suits you and your needs! It's retailing for only 98 cents, so you can even pick up a few, if need be.

Slotted Turner

A durable spatula is a must. This one is safe up to 400 degrees and can be put in the dishwasher. Plus, it's just 98 cents. So, what else could you need? Get cooking!

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