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Save on 4th of July cookout

Posted at 6:06 PM, Jul 02, 2010
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UPDATED 7/3/17

The 4th of July is the biggest day of the year for backyard bashes.

But a family get together is not cheap; Burgers, beer, brats,and backyard fireworks can cost $300 or more.

So we have some simple ways to save on your holiday cookout.

Costs Add up Fast

Penny Adkins and Joanne Prinz were inviting the whole family for a cookout. And that meant a lot of supplies from the Hyde Park Kroger.

"I had to buy everything: the meat, the bread, the vegetables,the fruit, so I spent a lot of money," said Adkins.

A barbecue can get pricey. "I spent $150." she said."That's lot of money for a cookout, yeah!"

Simple Ways to Save

But there are ways to save, according to personal finance  author Marie Dubuque. And if you do it right, your guests should not even notice.

For starters, grab the sale ads and look for seasonal sales.

Buying chips? Marie says purchase whatever brand is on sale. We found a two-for-one deal on Lays potato chips.

Those pasta and fruit salads in the display case look delicious.But at $4 to $5 a pound or more, the costs can add up fast. Marie says make your own salads. Start with a $4 watermelon, add apples,bananas or kiwi, and feed the neighborhood for $10.

Ditto for the green salad. Skip the $3 bags and go with 89-cent head of lettuce and cheap summer tomatoes.

Burgers, Dogs, and Buns

One caution: You may want to stick with premium hot dogs,because generics taste like, well, generics.

But store brand buns can be fine, and are often a $1 a pack.

When it comes to burgers, Marie says skip the pre-maid patties and buy ground beef in bulk. David Gilbert, who we found stocking  up for his cookout, agrees.

I asked him, "you make your own burgers?" He said " Yup!" "What  about salad? Make your own?" "Absolutely!"

Some last tips? Marie says lemonade is a lot cheaper than soda pop. And nice paper plates are pricey. Better plates are the reusable ones.

Finally, remember that charcoal has no expiration date and to buy it when its on sale, and store in your garage.

And refill that propane tank at a filling station. It's much cheaper, and you get more, compared with swapping it at the grocery store.

Save on Fireworks

This one is obvious, but to save on fireworks, forget about creating a backyard show. Visit a free event, such as:

  • Red White and Blue Ash
  • Balloon Glow at Coney Island, or
  • Free displays in Ault Park or dozens of other Cincinnati area communities.

As always, don't waste your money.



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