McDonald's 'Dollar Menu' Will Return in 2018

Posted at 11:57 AM, Oct 26, 2017

Fast food restaurants have a lot of competition, so they seem to always be trying something new to get customers. From Mac 'N Cheetos at Burger King to the French Fry Fork at McDonald's—seriously, what was up with that?—it seems there's always something new to try. But no matter what they come up with, nothing seems to make our french fry-loving hearts happier than getting our favorites as cheap as possible. And if you, too, are a fan of fast-food dollar menus—I mean, really, who isn't?!—we've got some delicious news for you! McDonald's is getting back in the $1 game, announcing a replacement for their Dollar Menu that was discontinued in 2013. FINALLY! via GIPHY According to Business Insider, the plans to launch the new menu in early 2018 were announced in a call with investors, and executives have acknowledged that McDonald's has struggled to attract customers looking for value since doing away with the dollar menu. While it was popular with consumers, some franchise owners were happy to see it disappear, however, saying it lost money. Even so, nearly all franchisees have already signed up to participate in the new program, according to Bloomberg. They tried replacing the Dollar Menu with something called the Dollar Menu & More, which offered items for $1, $2 and $5. The fast food chain also tried other cheaper options, like their McPick 2 for $5, which has currently ended, but dollar menus still win the hearts of value-minded french fry lovers. mcdonalds photo

Dollar Menu Changes

Before you get too excited, however, we have to tell you that all items on the new menu will not be $1, but instead will range from $1 to $3. via GIPHY This announcement is big news in the fast food industry, with McD Truth, a Twitter account run by a McDonald's insider, tweeting that it could be bigger than the company's all-day breakfast, which lead to a pretty impressive turnaround for their sales in the U.S. [embed][/embed] "We're building a better McDonald's and winning back customers with great tasting food, compelling value, and an enhanced experience," McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook said during the call with investors. McDonald's has not yet announced what will be offered on this new menu, but for now, you can still get some of your favorites for around $1, like a large drink, coffee, fries and hashbrowns.

Deals On The McDonald's App

You can also stretch your dollar(s) even further by downloading McDonald’s smartphone app. Just create an account and click the “Deals” tab. When you place your order, click on a coupon you'd like to use and present it to the cashier or scan the QR code at the kiosk. Coupons in the past included buy one get one free Happy Meals and sandwiches and at the time of this story, the restaurant was offering a free McCafe drink with any purchase. mcdonalds photo

Here's to hoping large fries and ice cream sundaes make the new menu!

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