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Large donation to Urban League helps fund job readiness programs

Posted at 3:33 PM, Mar 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-08 16:45:04-05

CINCINNATI -- Anthony Campbell was in a rough place. He'd made some poor decisions that cost him and his family.

But the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio set up Anthony Campbell with a new set of skills. 

"I grinded through it and, as I grinded through it, my skill level improved," Campbell said. "My interviewing levels were improved, and I knew what employers expected so that I could get a better job and a better career for myself."

Now, a $300,000 donation over three years from Key Bank will help the Urban League help others with programs like SOAR (that's Solid Opportunities for Advancement and Retention).  Donna Jones Baker, the president and CEO of the local Urban League chapter, said SOAR is for people who are unemployed or under-employed and haven't been able to see much success in their careers.

"The Urban League is all about earning, owning, thriving and prospering individuals in this community," Baker said. 

The money from Key Bank will also help start a three-week job readiness program in Dayton, Baker said. 

Campbell said the programs are worthwhile.

"My recommendation would be to go through it," he said. "Get everything that you learn from there, take it and use it. Don't deny it. It's very good and it's very helpful."